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Welcome to The Miracle Makers, a heartwarming family venture nestled in Poland. Led by the dynamic duo Ada and Filip, alongside their adorable little ones, Zu and Bo, we embark on a journey to infuse joy and comfort into the lives of mothers everywhere.

At The Miracle Makers, we understand the myriad challenges and joys of motherhood, which is why we craft a range of clothing, underwear, and accessories designed to sprinkle a dash of delight into every moment. Amidst the whirlwind of nurturing others, it's easy for mothers to forget themselves. That's where we come in, offering pieces that not only embrace the practicality of motherhood but also celebrate the beauty of self-care.

Our philosophy revolves around blending comfortable cuts with design twists, ensuring that our creations are not just garments, but companions through every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond, we believe in clothing that evolves with you, where comfort and a smile are non-negotiable essentials.

Committed to our roots, we proudly collaborate with small, family-owned factories across Poland. These partnerships not only ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship but also uphold values of respect for both employees and the environment. We meticulously select certified knitwear and fabrics, prioritizing sustainability without compromising on quality.

Quality is the cornerstone of our ethos, reflected in every stitch and seam. Each garment is meticulously crafted to withstand the tests of time, promising years of cherished memories and comfort. In our commitment to sustainability, we opt for eco-friendly packaging and strive to minimize our ecological footprint at every step of the supply chain.

Join us in our mission to celebrate motherhood, one smile-inducing garment at a time. Together, let's weave a tapestry of comfort, joy, and lasting memories for mothers around the world. At The Miracle Makers, every stitch tells a story of love, care, and the beauty of family.


A większość naszych rzeczy powstaje w Poznaniu i okolicach. Główie korzystamy z malutkich 1-5 osobowych szwalni prowadzonych przez kobiety.


Chcemy tworzyć ubrania na lata, w związku z tym wybieramy najlepszej jakości dzianiny. Nasza koszulki są szyte z 200 g dzianiny z certyfikatem GOTS. Daje nam to gwarację, że przez cały okres użytkowania pozostaną dokładnie takie same jak w dniu zakupu.


Dla nas zawsze najważniejsza jesteś ty. To dla nas bardzo ważne, dokładamy wszelkich starań, żebyś poczuła się przez nas doceniona na każdym kroku. W końcu kto lepiej cię zrozumie niż inne matki